Friday, June 23, 2006

Second Annual Sequim Chocolate Festival; Arinna Pongrey Interviews James, with Blue Ingot Toffee

At the Second Annual Sequim Chocolate Festival, Arinna Pongrey interviews James, from Blue Ingot Toffee, and samples a peice of milk chocolate no-nut toffee. James talks about Blue Ingot Toffee and the Chocolate Festival. The website for the festival can be found at

Before And After, First Edition: Sequim Chocolate Festival

Arinna Pongrey showcases the abilites of final cut pro by showing the public a clip of raw footage next to the final version. This clip is the first part of an interview with Debbie Moore, at the Second Annual Sequim Chocolate Festival, April 22nd, 2006.

Second Annual Sequim Chocolate Festival; Arinna Pongrey Interviews Two Vendors

At the Second Annual Sequim Chocolate Festival, a fundraiser for the Sequim Chamber of Commerce, Arinna Pongrey interviews Hattie Dixson, a Sequim resident and vendor at the festival, who talks about both this year's and last year's festivals; as well as Debbie Moore, from An Elegant Touch Chocolate Fountains, who explains the dark chocolate fountain her company provided for the festival. The Festival takes place on the first Saturday after Tax Day (April 15th) every year. This year, that day fell on April 22nd, and the festival was packed with chocaholics and chocolate fans from all around the area. The website for the festival can be found at

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

At The Artmine Grand Opening At The Inn at Port Hadlock, Arinna Pongrey Interviews Artist David Eisenhour

At the Artmine opening at the Inn at Port Hadlock on March 22, 2006, Arinna Pongrey interviews David Eisenhour, local resident and sculptor. David talks about his artwork, and his life as an artist. His website has more information on his artwork.

At The Artmine Grand Opening At The Inn at Port Hadlock, Arinna Pongrey Interviews ArtMine Employee Ann Katzenbach

Arinna Pongrey, 4-H News, interviews free lance art writer and part time Art Mine employee Ann Katzenbach at the Grand Opening of the Art Mine and the Inn at Port Hadlock.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Folklife, Day 1; A Written Commentary

Today, we arrived at the 35th Annual Northwest Folklife Festival at around noon. It was still warm and sunny at that point. Gene parked in a handicapped spot (legally) in a church parking lot. Jack, Gene, and I walked around Folklife, familiarized ourselves with the surroundings, and procured three VIP buttons (they get you into the hospitality tent... which had no food, but lots of sodas and a Sobe Adrenaline Energy Drink or 5.

We then went back to Gene's car to grab film equipment, and the Priest noticed us and made Gene move the car... oops! So then we went and did a few interviews... none of us had remembered to bring headphones, so Jack unwittingly plugged the mic into the headphone jack.... OOPS. Luckily for me, the built in mic picked up most of the interviews, even if it picked up just about as much background noise as well... we can clean up the audio in Final Cut Pro.

Then we met up with Lucie, and she did an interview with an artist, and this time Jack had headphones, and by this time had realized his mistake... so that interview came out with wonderful sound quality!

We then went over to the KOMO 4 Headquarters, right across the street from Folklife. We were shown into a conference room right behind the front desk, which has security guards posted at all times, through a door that requires their pass to open. We get this room to ourselves for the entire weekend, so we don't have to haul the computers around. As we were heading towards the building, it started raining.

As soon as the rain let up, Jack and I headed back out to redo some of the film that we couldn't salvage from before (and Gene went home). Before we did that, however, I interviewed Irena, a face painter. After I wrapped that up, she offered to paint my face (Jack filmed it) for free. It ended up looking a little more detailed than the camera could capture, but here is the photo, taken on the cell phone and e-mailed to my flickr account:


So the last couple interviews I do, and that includes the intro, which I had to redo, have me with a painted face.

We then walked around and found a few other interesting things, one of which is a band made up of 14, 15, and 16-year-old members, called The Neons, who were incredibly good for their age. Their website can be found here. Then we proceeded to walk back towards the KOMO headquarters and came across what looked like a Pakistani wedding dance, Artis the Spoonman with a guitarist/singer whose last name is Paige, according to Jack, and a R&B dance group in their early teens. Only at Folklife would you be able to find such a large variety of music in one 10 minute walk.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Arinna Pongrey interviews Jay Bennett, Development Director of Diversified Resources

4-H Network News: Arinna Pongrey interviews Jay Bennett

Watch the video
Jay Bennett, Developement Director of Diversified Resources, talks about current projects and his life.